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A focused number of approaches will be followed for preparation of magnetic scaffolds, the goal being to identify at the end of the project the best for tissue engineering of large bone defects and of more localized osteochondral lesions. MAGISTER will produce conceptually new scaffolds by magnetizing available commercial scaffolds and by producing de novo magnetic scaffolds of various architectures. Biocompatible hydroxyapatite and bio-active glasses will be properly combined with magnetic and reinforcing ceramics in order to provide high magnetic moment (up to 100 emu/g), high porosity at micro level with nanostructured 2D surfaces, and maintaining the highest biocompatibility required for tissue engineering.

The consortium aims to go beyond the state of the art of the control of angiogenesis process leading to most efficient growth, quiescence or regression of vasculature.

In the first to mid-stage of the project the consortium will use available commercial products in order to allow an immediate start of the research lines and to underscore the basis for the realization of all the objectives. A simple scheme of 10 workpackages (WP) connects logically various competences and working lines.

The project will be implemented in 48 months and is structured in 12 work packages covering the following areas:

A – Research activities

WP1 - Elaboration and Fabrication of Magnetic Scaffolds for tissue engineering – MagS

WP2 - Design and Synthesis of Magnetic Nanoparticles as shuttles for angiogenic bio-agents

WP3 - Magnetic nanoparticles functionalization with bioderivatives: BIOAGs

WP4 - In Vitro Tissue Regeneration with MagS

WP5 - In Vivo Tissue Regeneration with MagS

WP6 - Tunable bio-agent release by heating MagS and NMPs

WP7 - Fixation of Scaffolds by Magnetic forces

WP8 - Advanced System Modeling

WP9 - In vitro biocompatibility, Nanotoxicology and Electro-Magnetic Safety

WP10 - Assessment of results, Clinical specifications and impact


B – Management activities

WP0 - Project Management


C– Other activities

WP11 – Exploitation and Dissemination



An overview of the project structure is given in the PERT diagram reported below: